eDeposit FAQ

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How do I use eDeposit?

Instead of bringing your checks to the bank every day for deposit, you simply scan all of them at one time using the check scanner we provide. Then submit those checks securely over the Internet to United Bank & Trust. That’s it, we do the rest for you.

Do I need any special hardware or software?

No. The only thing you will need is the scanner we provide, and a computer that is connected to the Internet. We will work with you at your business to set up eDeposit and train your staff how to use the system.

Do I need to store the checks?

Yes. We recommend that you hold all checks for a 60 day waiting period. At the end of those 60 days, we advise that you should then make sure they are securely destroyed. You can periodically bring them to us and we will shred them for you as an added benefit, free of charge.

What is the cost for this service?

There is a one-time set-up cost and a basic monthly charge. The charge can be offset by balances maintained in a commercial checking account. Contact us at 641-753-5900 or email [email protected] for details.

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