Safe Deposit Box

Safe Deposit Boxes

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United Bank & Trust has safe deposit boxes available in several different sizes to meet your needs. Anything you can’t afford to lose can be kept safe and secure with a safe deposit box from United Bank & Trust. 

  • Save important documents like passports, deeds, birth and marriage certificates, Social Security records, and wills.
  • Protect jewelry, heirlooms, coins, and stamp collections.
  • Safeguard financial information such as bills of sale, contracts, bonds, insurance policies, stock certificates, and tax records.

Choose the United Bank & Trust safe deposit box that fits your needs. Boxes available at our main location only.  Must have a United Bank & Trust checking account to rent a safe deposit box.

*Safe Deposit Box contents are not FDIC insured.

Single Width Box (5" Wide) Annual Cost
 3 x 5 $28.00
 5 x 5 $38.00
Double Width Box (10" Wide) Annual Cost
3 x 10 $50.00
5 x 10 $70.00
10 x 10 $125.00

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