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Investment Services

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Investment Management

Our team, acting as your agent, will help navigate, implement, and administer your professional financial plan using diversification and efficient tax management strategies to deliver effective results based upon your individual investment goals and objectives. Annual reviews ensure assets adapt as your life circumstances and goals change, utilizing a wide variety of investment products including equities, fixed income and unique assets. Quarterly reporting, and complete 24/7 online access through our secure website will keep you up to date on your financial situation.

Custodian of Self-Directed IRA or Self-Directed Investment Account

As custodian, we help manage your assets, under your direction and provide safekeeping and accounting services.

Escrow Agent and Qualified Intermediary of Real Estate Contracts and 1031 Exchanges

As escrow agent, or 1031 intermediary, we provide safekeeping and accounting services according to the governing document.

Wealth Management - First Point Wealth Management

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