Small Business Spotlight: Giving Back to the Community That Raised Us

Posted on Monday, April 29, 2024 in News and Announcements

One of the newest businesses in Marshalltown, Nied’s Pharmacy, officially opened its doors in September of 2023. Since then, the independently owned pharmacy has helped many residents of Marshalltown and surrounding communities fulfill their needs for over-the-counter, prescription, and pet medications, as well as vaccinations, CBD products, and various gift items.

Doug and Allison Niedermann, the business’s owners, were raised in Marshalltown and hoped to someday give back to the community that gave so much to them growing up. When they saw a continued need for pharmacy services in Marshalltown, they knew that now was time for their dream of giving back to become a reality.

“[The Marshalltown] community supported both of us growing up, and we were excited to give back in a way that supports the needs of Marshalltown,” the Niederman’s said. “We’ve enjoyed being innovative and adaptive to what the community needs.”Doug & Allison Niedermann

Additionally, Doug and Allison say, “It’s been fun creating something new and seeing how the services we provide can make an impact on the people [in our community].”

“United Bank & Trust has been involved from the beginning, helping secure loans and investors. They were also present and engaged during City Council meetings to help [get] approval for tax increment financing (TIF),” they explained. For them, it was important to collaborate with local bankers working towards the same vision of benefitting the Marshalltown community.

According to Doug and Allison, one of the best parts about owning Nied’s Pharmacy is still being able to call Marshalltown home. “We like the approach [the City of] Marshalltown is taking to retaining and also bringing in new residents to the town,” they added.

While Nied’s Pharmacy is young, the future is bright for this business, built on the dreams of two local kids hoping to make a long-lasting difference in their community.

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