Small Business Spotlight: Lifting Weights and Boosting Confidence

Posted on Friday, May 3, 2024 in News and Announcements

In January 2023, Jake Reynolds opened Black Iron Barbell, a gym that caters to all fitness levels, from beginners to competitors. The gym houses equipment for a variety of different pursuits, including general fitness, weightlifting, powerlifting, strong man, bodybuilding, and even some CrossFit equipment.

“Black Iron Barbell was a private gym at first,” Reynolds explained, “but the interest kept growing and I saw the need in the Marshalltown area to provide a different atmosphere for people to train.”

Jake Reynolds

Since then, Reynolds has worked to “give everyone that walks in the door safe place to train and be surrounded by a great community that will support and encourage [them] along [their fitness] journey.”

Reynolds himself is passionate about strength training, both for the benefit of his physical and mental health. He hopes that he can help gym-goers realize the same positive effects of regular exercise.

When opening the gym, Reynolds couldn’t think of a better place to do it than in Marshalltown. Not only was there a need for it in the community, but Marshalltown, he passionately proclaims, is his home. Having a local bank right here in Marshalltown made it even easier for Reynolds to make his dreams of opening Black Iron Barbell a reality.

“Working with everyone at United Bank & Trust was easy from the beginning,” Jake said. “Starting a new business is stressful, but working with Sam and the rest of the team made the process easy for me. I can’t thank them enough.”

With United Bank & Trust’s help, Reynolds can now spend more time being present in the gym. Each time he sees a gym member build confidence, he’s rewarded for all his hard work. Reynolds said, “[I love] [s]eeing [a] new member that might be on the quiet side and not sure about what to do at first develop and gain confidence not only in the gym, but in themselves.”

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