Small Business Spotlight: Rebuilding Marshalltown One Pane at a Time

Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2024 in News and Announcements

Marshall Glass, Marshalltown’s only commercial glass shop, has been a staple in the community since it opened its doors in 1989. The store provides a variety of products and services, including the installation of commercial storefronts and doors, residential windows that have lost their seal to help repair the energy efficiency within the home, and automotive glass.

Travis and Sarah Gerstandt purchased the business in June 2019. Prior to that, Travis worked at Marshall Glass for seven years.  “He loved the work and the pride behind each finished job,” explained Sarah. “When the opportunity arose to buy the business, we knew we couldn’t pass it up.”

Travis & Sarah Gerstandt

Since then, the Gerstandts have weathered several storms, including the tornado in 2018 and the derecho in 2020. In the wake of the storms’ mass destruction, Marshall Glass helped the community rebuild, one home and business at a time.

While the storms have challenged the community, they’ve also helped the Gerstandts build relationships with fellow small businesses and members of the community. “We love that we get to know so many people through our jobs, and we continue to make great connections with those in the community. We’ve been able to build really great relationships with a lot of other small business owners in Marshalltown. [T]hey know they can call us at any time and we will be there to help, and vice versa,” the Gerstandts said. “The small business community in Marshalltown is truly unique and we enjoy being a part of it.”

The Gerstandts recognize the beauty of living in Marshalltown, and hope that others will, too.  “Marshalltown is home for us,” they simply stated. “We want to see the community continue to grow and be a place that people want to stay [in] or move to.”

The Gerstandts shared that it can be stressful when buying a business. When they weren’t sure where to start, they turned to United Bank & Trust. “When we walked into United Bank & Trust, they helped put our worries at ease.  They saw the potential, drive, and commitment we had to the business and to Marshalltown,” the Gerstandts explained. “They listened to our concerns, asked us questions, and did everything they could to make our dream a reality.”

The Gerstandts were particularly appreciative of the excellent, personalized service provided by United Bank & Trust’s employees, stating, “Sam, Robert, and the rest of the staff have been nothing but great to us. Their doors are always open, and we know we can stop in to talk to them whenever we need to. They have our backs and are willing to help us in any way we need. They are a big reason as to why Marshall Glass is able to be where it is today.”

Because of that, the Gerstandts can now spend more time serving their customers and worry less about the behind-the-scenes part of opening a business. For the Gerstandts, satisfying their customers and employees is their top priority.

“We love seeing the satisfaction of our customers when the job is completed. Usually when people come to see us, it is because something is broken and they aren’t happy,” said the Gerstandts. “Being able to help them in a time of need and have them smiling in the end is truly gratifying.”

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